Introducing the Smart Replacement for Dumbbells™
The easier, smarter, more effective way to get strong, flexible and fit.
Add distance and precision to your drive.
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Use Greenbells as part of your exercise routine for greater mobility.
Golf Ball
  • The hand held weights you don't have to grip
  • Alleviates strain in wrists and forearms
  • Lets golfers train the way they play with Quiet Hands™
  • Helps golfers stretch and strengthen the muscles they need to bomb the ball
  • Adds up to 15 yards to your drives
  • Endorsed by top golfers and PGA instructors
Help yourself to a pair of Greenbells and join the Greenbells Revolution -- the easier, smarter, more effective way to get strong, flexible and fit!

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Why Greenbells are for you

At Grip-Free Technologies, we aim to give seniors back the flexibility of their youth and let them add up to 15 yards to every drive. (more)

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Greenbells will revolutionize fitness for golfers and right now you can make a no-obligation reservation for a pair or click here to learn how you can buy now.

Grip-Free Story

Meet our 86-year old founder and learn why he's decided to lead a start-up company, bringing Greenbells to other seniors. You will find the inspiration and science behind the brand. (more)
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